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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Red Deer Quiz Answers

For those of you who came along to our totally mad Bolving Competition this weekend, please find below the answers to the Red Deer Quiz. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves and we'll see you again next year. 12 months to work on those bolves!

1.     Which species of deer are native to the UK? Red Deer and Roe Deer
2.      What is a young red deer called? Calf
3.      Red Deer Stags can weigh… 90-190kgs
4.      Calves are born between… March and May
5.      The red deer rut is when they… mate
6.      Red deer antlers are made of… bone
7.      Red deer stags lose their antlers every year? True
8.      Red deer eat… grass, bilberry, heather, young trees and bark
9.      The red deer rut is between… September and November
10. Calves stay with their mothers for… 3 years
11. During the rut stags use their antlers to… push other stags
12. The point on a red deer antler is called a… tine
13. Red deer antlers grow at a rate of… 1 inch (2.5cm) a day
14. During the rut, the stag’s call is called a… roar (also bellow/bolve)
15. When alarmed, hinds make a noise called a… bark. They also bleat to communicate with their calves.

16. To mate, stags will be over… 5 years old.
17. This is an image of a Red Deer, they are the largest deer species and indeed wild  mammal, resident in the UK. 

18. Deer poo is distinctive because of the point at one end of the pellet and indentation at the other. 

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