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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Trooping Deceivers

Once again I am indebted to 'Derbyshire Harrier' for aiming me in the direction of a natural history gem on the Eastern Moors. Well... almost on the Eastern Moors as this subject is on a road verge passed by hundreds of motorists every day when going over towards Longshaw.

So, yet another fungi picture, so what is special about that?

Well if you step back a couple of yards this is what you see...

I have never seen such a mass of fungi all in one spot! 

Not that long ago the council cut down some scrubby bushes and shredded them on site, then cleaned out the ditch and levelled the ground. A perfect breeding place for these fungi , but quite amazing how quickly they have colonised this space.

I am reliably informed by Colin (Derbyshire Harrier) that these are Trooping Deceivers and I would never question his knowledge on such subjects.

2 more views:

If you are interested in fungi, or any wildlife for that matter, it is worth having a browse through Colin's Flickr site whether he is recording the Eastern Moors or the Arctic!

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