Welcome to the Eastern Moors blog site. In recent months this has been updated so that wardens, volunteers and supporters can now write blogs, submit photographs and comment on Eastern Moors topics. Please click on an appropriate tab above to get involved. If you are unsure how to post a picture, article or comment then please look at the Users Guide or email us.


Here are a few natural history sites which may be of interest. Please leave a comment if you know a site which you feel should be added or report a site you feel is inappropriate.

1. adam dunning photographer.  This site is owned and run by one of our stalwart volunteers.   His photographs convey the vastness of these Moors and the sky, and emphasize the loneliness of this wilderness. 
He also writes an interesting blog 'Meanderings', in a very readable style somewhere between Lewis Carroll and Alan Bennett!
2.  Wildlife photography is getting better but some websites are a bit special. this is one such site. David Cookson is  one of the top wildlife photographers in the UK, and you would have to go a long way to find anyone who could match his expertise.
3. Darley Dale wildlife has some stunning and surprising images.  Many of the photos are of moths but the owls are fantastic and there is even an osprey.  The main point is that all these pictures were taken around Darley Dale, including the Eastern Moors area.  There is a link on this site to James Butler Photography, which is the professional side of the main contributor.
4 Alan Heeley’s wildlife blog is relatively new but should be checked on regularly, as Alan has a keen interest in wildlife and has spent many hours on the Eastern Moors (and elsewhere) taking superb shots

5 Cabinet of Curiosities. This university lecturer writes nature articles for the Guardian. He is based in the north-east but most of his observations are relevant to our area.  His life under the microscope site is fascinating.

6 Big Moor.  An in depth site giving an overview of the Eastern Moors and providing photographs and links to more specialist sites.
1.  Geology of Britain in great detail.  See what is under the Moors and even your own house!
1.  Have a look at the Geograph site. Then do an advanced search for Eastern Moors.  It will list hundreds of local photographs taken over recent years. This project aims to photograph every kilometer square in the UK and Ireland and there are very few places not recorded. One of our volunteers has submitted over 750 photographs to this site and they are mostly of our area.

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