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Tuesday, 13 October 2015


The second year of the Eastern Moors Bolving Competition was once again a great success. Photos from the evening will follow in due course or can be seen now on our Facebook page if you click the link on the right.
In the meantime here is The Bolving 'Anthem', a tribute to our competitors
who were prepared to perform in public and also an encouragement for people to practice ready for next year!

Bolving anthem

Once a year all nature stops,
As strange sounds can be heard.
The Eastern Moors resound with calls,
Some good and some absurd.

These calls can often drift away
In wind and rain they die.
But some red deer stags answer back,
Responding to the cry.

These massive males live on their nerves
As it's their rutting season.
They try to corral females
And lose all sense of reason.

But safely on the Barbrook dam
The East Moors folk are calling.
Whose call is most authentic?
Which noise is most appauling?

The deer see East Moors folk as threats,
And each stag stands his ground.
They bellow loud and constantly,
Responding to each sound.

The sun will rise without our help
The earth keeps on revolving.
But there's one thing we all must do -
Each day we'll practice Bolving.

I'm sure the evening gave the deer a laugh as well as everyone who turned out!

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