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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Red deer after sunset

When most animals are getting their heads down for the night, there are some that just keep going.  The red deer rarely sleep for long stretches at a time and as dusk falls they come down off the high moors in search of the more nutritious grasses at lower levels.
We often see red deer on the skyline from the road but....

...after 6.00 this evening I watched at least 50 wild red deer without leaving the car. Some were close to Sheffield Road but most of them were within 100 meters of the road between Owler Bar and Longshaw.
Tonight all the deer were intent on grazing as much as possible, and were completely oblivious to all the traffic nearby.All these photographs were taken from the car without using a special lens!

One of the many pleasures gained from being out at sunset is the big clear skies (now and then!). Tonight was one of those good nights and here is Venus above the cross on Fox Lane.  I hope I have my star map right as there is a chance it could be Jupiter!

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