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Friday, 13 March 2015

First sightings and water vole

It seems that every day some old friends are returning to the Moors or coming out of hibernation.
First it was the adders and then this week I have seen skylarks, curlew, lapwings and snipe. Friends have reported seeing grass snakes and lizards as well as all 3 types of newt.

As noted in the previous post, the frogs are well underway with their breeding programme and the toads will not be too far behind.
This week I counted 42 deer on the Big Moor slopes facing towards the rising sun so they are moving up out of the woods to their Summer grazing areas.
If you have any wildlife sightings that you think we ought to know about then reply to this blog or send us an email. 
We are particularly interested in finding any water vole locations out on the Moors.These little creatures are vegetarian and live within the banks of fast flowing streams such as the Bar Brook. Their numbers have declined sharply over recent years due to predators such as the mink. Here's a photo from last year:

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