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Saturday, 10 May 2014


I wonder how many cuckoos we have on the EM? I have heard them on Jack Flat and Ramsley Moor, but nowhere else yet. Anyone got any other locations?


  1. Surely there are cuckoos below White Edge?

  2. Yes, I have had one calling over Stoke Flat this year. For the past few days there has also been one regularly harassing (or being harassed by, depending on who's point of view you take) meadow pipits at the entrance to Barbrook Cottage driveway.

    Kim L

    1. The day we talked about this cuckoo harassing the pipits I saw it Kim. You can't mistake that tail can you!

  3. I think Longshaw are a happy home for cuckoos this year! I have heard them every time I have been there recently. I have also heard them in the trees between the Grouse Inn and White Edge, in the trees above White Lodge and today in Ramsley Woods. I don't remember ever hearing so many!

  4. One singing in the woods behind Ramsley Reservoir all morning yesterday. I suppose the question must be why they sing virtually all day and night? Surely it cannot be just to find a mate. Perhaps it is to mock the pipits or get them to respond and give away their nest locations.