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Monday, 28 April 2014

Green hairstreak

One of the 'special' butterflies of the Eastern Moors is the green hairstreak. One of our smaller butterflies and one of the earliest to show. It has been recorded in February but it is most numerous about now.
These creatures can be difficult to spot but tend to hang around in groups on the sunnier banks of the Barbrook. I have seen them near where Deadshaw Sic joins the main brook, downstream from Little Barbrook Reservoir.
There are several photos on our Flickr site, but these two stand out for me.

These photos were taken by one of our loyal supporters Bonzo ( real name, Ian). He has spent many hours photographing wildlife and scenery on the Eastern Moors and his own Flickr site is well worth exploring.


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  1. I thought the green hairstreak's would have died out by now?